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Realty Resources Frequently Asked Questions


Buying a piece of property can be one of the largest and most rewarding decisions of your life. It can also be one of the most daunting. Here is a list of frequently asked questions that may help guide you through the land buying process.

Land Questions

Where is your land?

Our inventory covers a large area, mostly across North Georgia. It is often helpful to search for land by county to narrow your search. If you are not familiar with the counties in Georgia, click here to see a county map.

How do I choose a property?

There are many different types of property out there and no 2 are exactly the same. We usually suggest you think about these 3 criteria and which you feel is most important before staring your search:


  1. Type of Land: Are you looking for pasture or woods? Mountains or flat land? Are you planning on building a home or looking for land that you can put a mobile home on?

  2. Location: Are you trying to stay close to family, work, a particular city or do you just need to be within 20 minutes of a grocery store?

  3. Price: You always want to make sure that you are looking at things within your budget. You can look at the cost of property 2 different ways. Either as the total purchase price of the land, or if you intend on using our Owner Financing you may only be concerned with whether or not it fits your monthly budget.

Once you're ready, check our Property Search to see what we have for you. And remember that our inventory is constantly being updated, so even if you don't see what you're looking for today, we may have it in the near future.

Do your properties have utilities available?

The majority of our properties are located in rural areas where well and septic are required. Some Subdivisions such as Brushy Creek do have county water taps at each lot. All our properties are in areas that are serviced by an electrical provider but you will most likely have to set the power pole for them to hook up to. Any information we have on the specific utilities at a property are in the listing.

Do you give a warranty for improvements on the property?

All of our properties are sold “As Is”. If you are purchasing a property that has a well or septic already installed you may have a professional come and check them prior to closing but the seller does not warrant or guarantee that they will work.

Have the properties been surveyed?

All of our properties have been surveyed at some point in time. Not all of them have been done so recently. Our sales agents are familiar with most of the properties and can help show you the boundaries of the property. In the event a surveyor is needed to mark the lines the cost may be added to the purchase price.

Contract and Closing Questions

How do I get a property under contract?

Just give Jonathan Javetz a call. He can send you a contract by email, fax or old fashioned mail. Remember the contract isn’t binding until we have received both your signed copy and the earnest money deposit.

What is the Earnest Money Deposit for?

It is a portion of the down payment held by Realty Resources Corporation to assure the buyer that the property won’t be sold to anyone else.

What are the Closing Costs?

Closing cost may vary. Typically when a property is closed by us there are 3 items that make up the closing costs.


  1. The prorated property taxes due for the current calendar year

  2. An intangibles tax charged by the state of Georgia on any loan exceeding 3 years

  3. The recording fees

Where do we close?

We prefer for you to come to our office in Sandy Springs. If this is not possible we do make special exceptions to meet buyers in other locations.

Is an attorney needed for the closing?

No, but if you would like a title policy on the property you will need to have an attorney perform the closing.

Financing Questions

How does the Owner Financing work?

Our owner financing is very simple. You will make an initial down payment at closing. Thirty days from closing your first monthly payment will be due. Read more about it on our Owner Financing page.

What will my interest rate be?

Interest rates will vary with different properties. In some cases we offer 0% interest for the first year. In these cases, 100% of your first 12 payments will go towards principal reduction. On your 13th payment a portion of your payment will go towards interest based on a percentage of your principal balance.

Can I pay off early or pay more than my monthly amount?

Yes, you can pay off your balance at any time with no prepayment penalty. You may also pay extra towards the principal balance to help pay the land off faster and save money on the interest.

Do I need good credit to buy land?

No, we do no check credit for purchasing the majority of our land. We do reserve the right to qualify buyers for certain property purchases, typically this would involve a purchase that includes a home on the property.

How is Owner Financing Different than Rent to Own or a Lease Purchase?

With Owner Financing you actually own the property from day one. After closing, a Limited Warranty Deed will be recorded at the county court house and the seller will have a Security Deed (mortgage) against the property. Every payment you make is building your equity in the property and helping to solidify your financial future!

Are my taxes included in the payments?

No. Your prorated property taxes for the first year will be paid as part of your closing costs. The tax bill in the following year will be sent directly to you.

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